2020 Must Have Apps for Sports Fans

2020 Must-Have Apps for Sports Fans

Sports brings Americans together. Sure we fight over which team is the better one, but that’s just friendly rivalry. It is part of immersing in the game and enjoying it. If you’re a sports fan

Sports brings Americans together. Sure we fight over which team is the better one, but that’s just friendly rivalry. It is part of immersing in the game and enjoying it. If you’re a sports fan that must get their daily dose, then finding the time to do that can be hard. However, with some of these apps downloaded to your phones, you won’t miss any of the good stuff so make sure to get them.


Betting adds thrill to any game. Sure you’re not on the field playing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the game and if it pays you money, what’s the harm. The problem most of us face though is finding where to bet. Yes, you can place your bets online but with so many bookmaker apps out there, which one should you go for?

Well, if you’re looking for the best, Oddschecker is a worthy choice. The app gives you all in the inside information from bookies. Want to know the favorite teams and players? Well, this app tells you just that. The best part about the app is the number of sports it covers. You want the latest on the Dark Horses for Euro 2020, or what’s up with Formula 1 racing? This app is the one you should ask. As far as betting facilities go, the app lines up the odds offered by all the major bookmakers whom you can connect with directly to place your bet. Honestly though, even if you’re not planning on betting, there’s still so much the app has to offer it is a vital resource you’re sure to appreciate.

Yahoo Fantasy Sport

Fantasy leagues may have been a children’s past time once, but it has fast made it to the mainstream with a fan base of its own. If you want to start your own team, join an existing one, or simply be a part of the audience you should get Yahoo Fantasy Sports. It offers comprehensive coverage of all the main baseball, football, basketball, and hockey leagues. With so much data pouring in, you’ll be in the fantasy league heaven. This is your one-stop for all things fantasy league related. 

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report has been around for quite some time. Its regular updates and improvements make it a popular app among Americans. You’re sure to have heard about it but if you’re wondering what its all about and how it adds value to your life, then read on. 

Browsing through the news, in search of the articles and events that interest you can get frustrating real quick. You want to know what happened and fast. You don’t want to go through the content that doesn’t interest you to get to the juicy bits, do you? Well, with this app you won’t have to.

You get to customize the content that is delivered to you and only get alerts on news of your favorite sports, athletes, and teams. What’s more, you can sync the app with your fantasy league account and get all the information hassle-free on one platform. 


When you’re stuck in the office doing work or are outside running errands with no time to watch the game, then getting minute to minute updates seems like a real Godsend. You get all the essential information without having to spend hours over it. So, if you’re someone that often struggles to take some time to watch your favorite sports, keep LiveScore handy.

It has been providing sports fans with minute scores for more than 20 years so you know they know what they’re doing. It gets you right to the point so you waste no time. They are easy to navigate interface ensure you get what you need easily. 

BBC Sport

BBC Sport app covers a range of sports so chances are you’ll find the one you love. It’s also really user friendly so you won’t have trouble using it. The best part about it though is that it has well-respected journalists whose podcasts and radio commentary you can listen to. A great resource for all sports fans, BBC’s approach to digital media is worth appreciating. 

Spectrum TV App

Nothing compares to watching the game live. No minute to minute detail app can beat that which is why access to live stream is a must and with Spectrum TV App you get just that. With access to channels like ESPN, you really can’t go wrong. The only catch though is you must have a cable subscription that includes access to these channels. Spectrum Silver Channels lineup covers most of these channels so if you’re subscribed to that plan, you’re sure to enjoy your online streaming experience.

Final Words

No country loves sports like the USA. With so many sports and sports fans around, there is so much content to watch, the only problem though is figuring out which is best suited for your interests. These apps make this process easier and are a must-have on any cellphone.

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