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5 HIIT Workouts That Can Help You Get Ripped

The fitness industry is changing, and it is transforming the way we use to work out as well. As the change is now becoming real, more people are drawn towards short but effective ways to

The fitness industry is changing, and it is transforming the way we use to work out as well. As the change is now becoming real, more people are drawn towards short but effective ways to burn calories, and what better way than HIIT. High-intensity interval training is the workout training session that can help you burn out a lot of calories in just a very small time span. The overall time can easily be divided into a short session of high workout followed by a small period of time where you can relax. According to studies, these HIIT sessions are far better than any regular exercises that we do. Most people use aerobics when we talk about weight loss or calorie burn out however, in the case of HIIT, this has surpassed aerobics as well. With regular workout sessions, your body develops better stamina, and you end up getting a good body just according to your set goal. Most people try crash diets and starvation when they are asked to lose weight; however, your body starts to go into survival mode, and it stores every extra calorie it can get. In short, your body is in a state of shock, and you end up gaining weight once you start eating because your body is too afraid to go back to starvation mode. In short, there is no better way to lose all the extra fat and calories than to rely on a good workout session.

Most people still don’t understand why losing weight is not effective through crash diets or quick fixes. The main reason behind that might be because you end up losing the muscles as well as fat. However, with the help of a workout, you only lose the fats and not the muscle, which eventually helps in the process of shaping your body. If you want to lose weight, here are a few HIIT workouts that you must follow. These workouts do not require any equipment or gym membership, so you can dress up in your activewear and start working at your home.  

Run Up With HIIT Strategy

Run-ups or jogging-based HIIT workouts are considered best so far; the reason behind that is pretty simple, we like the idea of jogging, and it is a good way to stay active the whole day. However, you can also use a treadmill because you can control the pace according to your own need. It would help if you started by setting intervals and then starting with a high pace where you feel your blood rushing and your muscles burning the calories. Apart from this, you are required to start with a warm-up session so your body matches the pace and you can minimize any injury. Once you start this, you need to keep one thing in mind, and that is adjusting the difficulty level. If you are getting used to the difficulty, you need to up your game a little bit. You can also skip the treadmill and use the traditional method of jogging; however; it gets difficult sometimes to adjust the pace.

HIIT Cardio and Aerobics

We all love cardio because we know it is one of the most effective ways to burn out calories. You can intensify the cardio and reduce time to 12 minutes, or you can reduce the difficulty level and increase the time. Everything is dependent on the way you want to adjust and find the exercises effective. For these cardio exercises, we want you to divide them up into a batch of 15 minutes each and cool down to 30 seconds as required. Some of the main exercises that we would like you to add can be pushups, side planks, crunches, lunges, and high knee and mountain climbers. The mix of these exercises will work best for you because they help you burn calories at all places.

Resistance Based HIIT

If you really want to get a shredded body structure within a small time period, nothing gets better than resistance training. Resistance training means you are just adding resistance to cardio or weight lifting exercises. For this, you need resistance bands, and you can wear these bands as you do squats, splits, pushups, curls, etc. this helps in burning fats very easily, and you will be surprised how effective this can be. For most instructors, resistance training has worked the best for their clients, and if you are passionate, you can easily lose a lot of fat. The best thing about resistance training is the fact it adds to the difficulty level and you will end up gaining muscle. Once you are done, you can add a cool-down session, and you will see the progress as your muscles will start to develop.

Fat Burning Strategy

Most people who want to exercise usually think about burning fats only, this means you will be sweating a lot, which is the primary indicator that your exercise is working. For this particular strategy, you need weight for overall exercise sessions, and you need to make sure that the weight that you are choosing aligns with your goal. It would be best if you started by dividing your exercise session first and then use the weight technique with some aerobic moves. We might not be able to give a step-by-step guide for this because, for every body type, it is completely different, and your weight choice matters a lot. For people who don’t want to use actual weight, you can even use water bottles as an alternative.

 Extensive Workout Strategy

For this workout strategy, you need to divide your exercises in just 20 minutes session, and it doesn’t require any use of equipment whatsoever. You need to rely on four main exercises that you can interchange, and you will have 30 seconds to a cool down. For the beginners who are still trying to figure out what might work best for them, this will be an ideal workout session. Start with a high knee; you can take 5 minutes and then move to press-ups. Most people make a combination, which works ideally; however, you can also do it separately according to your own ease. Four main exercises are lunges jump, burpees, jumping jack, and press-ups; you can make your own combo and customize these exercises as well.

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