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Saddlebags or Motorcycle Backpack – What To Choose?

If you own a motorcycle and you like camping and going out on road trips, you must be familiar with the use of motorcycle saddlebags already. For most motorcycle owners, saddlebags are enough because this

If you own a motorcycle and you like camping and going out on road trips, you must be familiar with the use of motorcycle saddlebags already. For most motorcycle owners, saddlebags are enough because this provides the freedom to move whenever and wherever they want. This also means that they don’t have to load weight on their back while they are balancing their motorcycle. There is no doubt that motorcycle saddlebag is an investment and due to those, the saddlebags industry is booming. Whenever someone likes to get a motorcycle, they straight away look for good motorcycle saddlebags to match their personality and to complement their motorcycle. One thing that is very important to understand while buying a motorcycle saddlebag is the various types. Apart from this, there are back carry options along with hard carry and backpack. All these things are very important, and they play a very important role because each type serves a different purpose. With each type of storage bag, the purpose and the method of use are quite different, you need to get information about each type first, so you can see what kind of storage-related bag will be useful for you.

For beginner who is still struggling to find a good enough method of storing their equipment or carrying luggage, there are two main options, and that is why most people find it challenging to figure out what kind is more useful for them. To help beginners see what kind is more useful for them, we have listed a few important differences that can help you not only make your decision but also help you see what kind of storage bag will be more suitable for you.

Carry Weight

The basic purpose of buying sandbags is to latch them to the seat and fill them with luggage. One of the main reasons people buy saddlebags is because they feel it is a good way to store things without worrying about carrying weight on your back. If you want to go somewhere and you are dressed up for the occasion, you want to make sure that you don’t carry something that can ruin your dress. This will help you make sure that the luggage you are carrying is alright and not affected because of the journey. Apart from this, if you have saddlebags, you can leave them on wherever you go. This means that if you have your toolkit in your saddlebag, you will be saving yourself from the hassle of carrying weight. In case you have some extra luggage, you can use a backpack as well as your usual saddlebags, these collectively can help you save a lot of time, and you will get enough space for everything that you wish to carry.

Cleaning Process

It is common knowledge that saddlebags are usually made of leather, which makes them more expensive and difficult to clean. Since leather is fragile and may lose shine if not cleaned properly, this can be very challenging for the owner. With leather saddlebags, you need to be quite careful because you cannot soak them in water or apply alcohol-based industrial chemicals for cleaning. Instead, it would be best if you used something natural and then use polish to nurture the leather. On the other hand, when we think about backpacks, they are usually made of synthetic plastic base polymers, whereas others come with a hardcover on the outside. All these things mean you can use harsh chemicals and even dust them up with anything you want. Apart from this, you don’t have to use polish or any expensive cleaning product.

Luggage Capacity

When we compare the luggage capacity of the saddlebags and the backpacks, we have nothing clear to say. There are so many big saddlebags, and they can be adjusted easily, which means once you stuff it with luggage, you can leave it on for the next trip as well. However, when we talk about the backpack, we have seen smaller backpacks that can be worn everywhere, or we have large backpacks that resemble the size of duffle bags. These bags are high enough to carry camping equipment as well as clothes. So, it all comes down to the choice because there are different kinds of bags available in the market that can be used for carrying luggage quite easily.

Type of Luggage to Carry

Your luggage choice is one of the main things that determine the type of bag you need to buy for storage purposes. If you want to carry something sharp, i.e., tools, cutters, or screws, you need something thick enough to carry them safely. For this purpose, you need saddlebags because carrying them in a backpack cannot be a burden, but this can eventually be harmful as well.

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