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5 Weird Ways People Use for Weight Loss

The world of fitness is going through a transformation, and every day we see multiple quick fixes making it into the market. These quick fixes include protein shakes, protein bars, slim tea, metabolism-based food, and

The world of fitness is going through a transformation, and every day we see multiple quick fixes making it into the market. These quick fixes include protein shakes, protein bars, slim tea, metabolism-based food, and appetite suppressing candies. All these techniques are not only unhealthy, but they highlight how desperately people want to lose weight. In our society, fat-shaming is a very common issue, and people don’t hold themselves back when they feel someone has gained weight. To avoid this, most people don’t rely on quick fixes that they can use for a few days and get results right away. However, these quick fixes take a toll on your body; in some cases, we have seen people developing dangerous diseases like ulcers, tumors, and cancer due to these products. In other times, we have seen people developing water retention, and when they stop using these medications, they experience harmful side effects as well. Common digestive diseases and skin-related diseases are usually connected back to the usage of these quick fixes and calorie burners. They might be effective for a brief time, but right after the usage, everything fires back. To avoid the long-term effects of these remedies, scientists and researchers claim that staying connected to the natural ways of losing weight is always best.

It was considering that there are so many weird ways globally that are being used as a weapon against calories. We have listed down a few that you can use as well. However, for someone looking for quick fixes, these might not be recommended. Apart from these, the list only contains the remedies that are being used by people for just healthy weight loss, various remedies that are not healthy, like smoking every time you feel hungry, are not added to the list. This list also doesn’t contain any workout related things that are already quite commonly known.  

Restrict Your Belly

Restricting your belly might sound quite painful, but if you are doing it just because you want to make yourself feel alarmed, this might be best for you. French women usually wear a small ribbon on their waist when they eat, this way, they get alarmed when they eat too much, or they feel ribbon is getting tighter in modern times; we have seen the same thing happening when we wear belts or tight jeans. With the help of tight jeans, people generally don’t eat too much because there is no room for your gut. No doubt, this method is popular among French women. This is another very important reason we see women wearing activewear even when they are not working out.

Good Night Sleep

Good night sleep is connected generally to so many health remedies, but you will be surprised what a good night’s sleep can do with your digestive system. We have commonly seen that people who experience bad night sleep have digestive issues and people who have digestive issues have restless sleep sometimes. Apart from this, we have seen that people usually connect sleeping in dark rooms with less retention of calories. In short, people who generally sleep in dark rooms lose weight easily, and they also gain less weight as compared to people who sleep in light.

Seating Placement

Your seating arrangement is very crucial for you, and this is the reason we have seen people debating about their placement in a wedding arrangement or in any reception. Yes, most people connect it to the importance of the guest, but it is generally connected to the placement of food as well. If you want to lose weight, try moving to the other part of the table where it is difficult to get food. This will help you connect the food intake with the difficulty that you will be required to go through, and hence, you will feel that you are skipping your food intake altogether or rather eating at a slower pace.

Alcohol and Water

It has been noticed that people who drink before they start eating are more likely to lose weight as compared to people who dive right into eating. This is especially recommended because your body starts producing digestive juices when you eat right, and this way, when you eat, your body doesn’t feel starved. Apart from this, if you like to drink wine generally, you are more likely to lose weight when you try; according to a recent study held in a women hospital in Boston, the results of the study examined that women who drink a healthy amount of alcoholic drink were more likely to gain less weight as compared to the women who never drank. All these things collectively have proved that old myths about drinking and gaining weight were just not right. You can easily drink red wine and dark chocolate without worrying about the overall calorie count.

Get Small Plates

Getting small plates gives you an illusion that you have eaten too much because your eyes and brain perceive that you have had too much based on the overall width of the plate and the food that you have added to it. Similarly, it is better to skip using bowls because they contain more food and hence more calories. This illusion is similar to the fact that you try to trick yourself with fewer pages to learn, so you end up learning in a better way. This is an effective way to learn more information in less time if you jot down everything on a big page rather than use smaller pages but write everything in big enough handwriting.

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