MMA and Muay Thai

How Is Boxing Different From MMA and Muay Thai?

When we talk about MMA, most people think it involves everything that is related to combat. For some, it might be true by simply adding everything up for the sake of generalization is not a

When we talk about MMA, most people think it involves everything that is related to combat. For some, it might be true by simply adding everything up for the sake of generalization is not a good thing. Not only boxing is completely different from MMA, but even Muay Thai is completely different from the rest of the combat training types. Most people are not familiar with all these types and techniques, which is the reason they think MMA is an umbrella term that can be used for all kinds of combat training. Starting from the boxing that we all are familiar with. Boxing is a simple game of throwing jabs and punches, but you have to do this while you stay up, there are few rules, and once you knock down the opponent, you win the game. However, when we think about Muay Thai, boxing is quite similar. However, it is a rather evolved form of boxing that is missed with the Thai techniques. The person who plays Muay Thai has the liberty to use punching and kicking techniques; however, all these things are done while you stay up and not on the floor. On the contrary, MMA involves all kinds of japs, punches, kicking techniques as well as grappling techniques. So it is a much vast category that caters to all kinds of different techniques. Within MMA, you might find a few other types especially; this includes BJJ that is a complete grappling-based game, and a few others.

For someone who has yet to understand all these types alone, they need to keep a few specifications in mind. For these specifications, it is better actually to see the basic techniques and limitations as well. For someone who is simply trying to find out which one is better, the competition is quite tough, and you might feel like there is a lot more for you to understand than just the basics.  

Difference in Techniques

All three forms are completely different when it comes to technique, and by technique, we don’t just mean the way you are allowed to use your body but the acceptable ways to defeat your opponent. Within MAA, you can use multiple techniques, you are not only free to try grappling, but you can also use techniques of grappling inspired by BJJ and other forms of grappling. However, this is completely different in boxing, where you have to stand and knock out your opponent only via throwing punches. In Muay Thai, you can use your body because you are not only using your arms but also your legs and feet. All these things combined will help you defeat your opponent. However, if you compare all the techniques together, you will find that not everything is suitable for everyone so, personal preference and personal ease also matters. There are few people who find boxing better whereas, others like MAA, and there is no comparison between both.

Use of Body

When it comes to using your body, you can use your whole body in grappling, so MAA is considered as one of the best ways to lose weight and defeat the opponent. When it comes to boding, your defense and overall movement are very restricted. Even with the footwork, you need to make sure you are marinating your defense. In Muay Thai, things are pretty different; you need to keep one thing in mind, Muay Thai involves the use of eight main limbs. Your whole body works collectively as a weapon, and this means that you need to make sure you use every body part as effectively as possible. Your arms are used as swords, whereas your hands are used as daggers and knives.

What’s better for Self-Defense?

When we talk about the comparative difference and what should be preferred when it comes to self-defense, it is easier to say that everything has its own preference, starting from boxing, which is comparatively easier to learn, but it is a short-term self-defense method. If someone attacks you, you can probably punch him back or have a dual, but it is just for a few minutes. However, with Muay Thai, you will have a better way of handling the opponent. You can not only tackle your opponent in a better way but you will be surprised how much more deterrence you can have. Muay Thai is relatively difficult to learn as compared to boxing because there is more complexity in it, and you need to use your whole body. However, with the use of a few more techniques, MAA is far better for self-defense. The reason is quite evident; as the complexity increases, you will have to learn to build a good strategy and know-how to use your body for the defense as well. This can be a little complicated at first, but once you learn to cope with it, things will get easier.

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